Join and support the ministry efforts


The few specific ways:

Prayer – We have believed that prayers are critical. They are critical for an individual's continuing walk with the Lord but also critical in moving the hands of God. Prayer is a core value of P.G. and Lilly Vargis. If you are led in your hearts, we would truly value your prayers. You may put us in your prayer list or put up their names or photos on your prayer board/refrigerator, or use any other method to remind you to pray for them. You will also find specific prayer points in P.G.'s or IET's blog.

Financial Support – You may join Brother P.G. Vargis in reaching the unreached through financial giving. We appreciate your financial support. If you would like to become financially involved, you may decide to give on a regular basis or as God leads. You may mail your giving to the office nearest you. Please check out our list of offices. If you have any questions regarding giving or otherwise, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Represent IET – Please consider representing IET to your friends, your church, and Christians in your area, as the Lord enables and guides you. Consider raising prayer and financial resources, to enable Brother P.G. and IET to reach out to the unreached in South Asia. Read Where You Can Give Now.

Gift – Consider giving P.G. Vargis' book, "Compelled", as a gift to one of your friends. This book is a compelling, unforgettable narrative of Brother P.G. Vargis and the birth of the Indian Evangelical Team. It will inspire and encourage one to commit their life to Christ and the Kingdom.

Thank you so much for being friends of Brother P.G. and Sister Lilly Vargis. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.