FAQ 's

How do I purchase P.G. Vargis' books or tapes/CDs?

P.G. Vargis does not own any of his sermons or books. He had very early on made the decision that all his sermons and books w ill be owned by the Indian Evangelical Team. So, please, contact Indian Evangelical Team to order or purchase his books or CD's.

How can I have P.G. Vargis speak at our church or at my event?

To extend an invitation for Dr. Vargis to speak at an event, please e-mail us with the details and your contact information. If you would like Dr. Vargis to speak at your church, please follow the protocols your local church have established to invite a guest speaker and have the pastor contact us.

How do I get on the mailing list or change my existing information?

P.G. Vargis does not have a personal mailing list. You can follow him on his blog. How ever, the ministry, Indian Evangelical Team, has regular communications and field updates. You may visit their w ebsite and sign up to receive or change your mailing information.

Where does P.G. Vargis live and where is IET located?

P.G. Vargis and Lilly Vargis live near Delhi, India. Indian Evangelical Team is based in India. It has ministry centers in various parts of India. Indian Evangelical Team also has representative or partner offices in various countries, including the United States of America, the United Kingdom, India, Australia and New Zealand.

How do I know when Dr. P.G. Vargis will be speaking in my area?

Due to security concerns, we do not put out Brother P.G. Vargis' schedule online. You may write to us to enquire when he will be speaking in your area next.

How do I support the ministry of Dr. P.G. Vargis?

You may support the ministry of Brother P.G. Vargis by donating to the ministry, the Indian Evangelical Team. Learn how to support our efforts here.

What is your faith statement?

Please visit the official website of Indian Evangelical Team to view our faith and value statement.