" Over the years, I have admired the grace of God evidenced in the apostolic ministry of P.G. Vargis. Truly he is one of the pioneers in the astonishing harvest into the Kingdom of God, w hich w e are seeing in this present time. "

Patrick Johnstone
Author, Operation World
WEC International, Wisbech, England

" I have know n PG Vargis and his family for over 20 years. He is a faithful, loyal servant of the Lord Jesus Christ. I count him as my son and 'Timothy' in the Lord. He is a man of great vision, integrity and spiritual strength. He is a highly respected leader of India and his ministry has touched many nations of the w orld. "
Late Pastor John Osteen
Lakew ood Church, TX, USA

" Rarely in life do w e see apostles up close and personal. Though he w ould probably deny it, P.G. Vargis is an apostle in every sense of that biblical term. "
Dr. Paul Leaming
Founding Pastor, St. James United Methodist Church, Tulsa, OK

" I have know n P.G. Vargis for many years. His story and testimony have been a great inspiriation and encouragement to me. "
Charles Duke, Jr.
Apollo 16 Lunar Module Pilot

" P.G. Vargis is a pioneer Indian missionary w ho can rightly be called a modern apostle. The story of his life, an adventure in faith, w ill inform and inspire many. "
Dr. Thomson K. Mathew
Dean, School of Theology and Missions, Oral Roberts University, Tulsa, OK

" A unique and respected leader among leaders, P.G. Vargis is a visionary and pioneer—a man of conviction and commitment to the call of God to reach the lost in India. I have been privileged to know him for more than 32 years, and I have w itnessed the great impact his ministry has made for Christ in India. "
Thomas Samuel
Former Coordinator of Operation Mobilization
Founder-President, Quiet Corner, India

" Having personally met and traveled w ith IET leaders and w orkers into some of the remote regions of India, I have encountered first hand their passion for Jesus and their incredible sacrificial for the lost. May the church around the world be faithful to the call, "Give us the tools," to enable the national w orkers of IET w ho are giving all they have for the cause of Christ. "
Pastor Lyle Johnson
Calvary community Church, Alberta, Canada.

" I heartily commend the ministry of Dr. PG Vargis and the fine church planting and missionary ministry of Indian Evangelical Team. Dr. Vargis has gathered and trained a group of quality leaders w ho form a real team. As one w ho studies w hat makes churches grow , I commend them as deserving financial and prayer support. "
Ron Meyers, Ph.D
Former Professor of Missions at Oral Roberts University, USA
Currently Missionary to Africa.

" I have know n PG Vargis for the last tw o decades. Formerly a soldier of the Indian Army but now a soldier of Jesus Christ he rose from a humble beginning to become one of the leading evangelists of North India. He has a zeal and passion for the for the lost. May his testimony inspire and challenge the readers to become soul w inners for God's kingdom. "
Rev. K T Thomas
President IPC, New Delhi.

" From a solider in the Indian Army to a veritable general among missionaries w orking in the most distant parts of India, P.G. Vargis has been an inspiration to an entire generation of Indian Christians. His testimony and that of his w ife, Lilly, have given strength and hope to members of a persecuted church. This couple's success is a tangible sign of God's design for India. "
Dr. John Dayal, Member
National Integration Council, Government of India.

" As supplies of large quantities of scriptures ordered by Dr. P.G. Vargis for use in the ministry of IET, I can surely say that he is an esteemed partner in helping distribute the Word of God throughout India. Dr. Vargis, founder and chief mentor of IET, is, by example, w orthy of the honor that is being bestow ed on him through the w riting of the book (Compelled) about his life and ministry and the ensuing ministry of Indian Evangelical Team. "
Richard Khan
Auxiliary Secretary, Bible Society of India.